Our return policy is valid for 14 days. If it has been more than 14 days since your purchase, unfortunately we cannot offer you a refund or exchange of the purchased item for another item.

Furthermore, to obtain a refund or a replacement, it will be necessary to have first carried out all the required checks with our technical support who will verify the presence of all the conditions necessary to request a refund or replacement.

Please send us an email to info@frammentidesign.com or fill out the form in the "assistance" section.

Cash on delivery is not one of our payment methods.

  • Information about power supply, power cord, plug:

Standard power is connected to a power outlet. Neon LED signs come with a specific plug for the country they are shipped to.

For small LED neon signs we also offer batteries and USB ports. Contact us to find out if your project is suitable for these two options.

If you need to increase the cable length, please contact us and we will update it.

  • Information on how to hang / install a neon sign:

You have 3 options,

Wall mounting.

Hang it from the ceiling
It is also possible to hang the sign from the ceiling. Just let us know and we'll pre-drill the acrylic mount and supply you with hanging wire.

Use 3M strips
For small size signs (50cm or less), you can use the clear 3M strips to stick them on the wall.

Alternatively, if you are unable to mount or hang your sign, we can offer you a stand.

  • Engraving Option:

Sometimes the design is complicated and we can't make it, but there are two solutions. We can increase the size, but the cost will also increase. Another better solution is engraving: we can engrave some details on the acrylic support; the engraved part does not emit light, but may be illuminated by adjacent light. It's a great solution for keeping intricate designs in a limited size.

  • UV Printing Option:

The neon sign is only able to make the outline of the design, but we can print the image on the acrylic medium, so as to keep all the details of your design, and sometimes it is also possible to reduce the size to keep the cost lower . Contact us if you want more information about it.

  • About support for neon:

Our neon signs are mounted on acrylic. This allows you to easily mount or hang the sign in your home and ensures a strong and reliable suspension.

Our payment methods are:

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex, ApplePay.

Furthermore, for payments on customized products, we offer the payment service via SumUp or bank transfer.